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About Us


Educating women on the importance of physical fitness and how it impacts one’s self esteem and overall life


Improve women’s mental and physical well-being through the use of exercise such as Yoga, team bootcamps , pilates etc…


Strengthen our organization and also our organization’s relationships with like-minded individuals around the world.

Woman Empowering Women is an organization that is aimed to empower women through the power of fitness, healthy eating and overall wellness. Our goal is to assist women through their emotional and social transformation by providing a sense of community, a support system and a platform that will allow them to recognize their personal power through our 3-step priority process.

We help Toronto women through 3 different initiatives.

Get In Motion

Organic Food Drive

Empower Your Mind

Meet Our Volunteers

Mariam Ekram

Mariam Ekram


Mariam is extremely passionate about nutrition, fitness and helping women. Shortly after graduating from the University of Toronto, she founded WomanEmpoweringWomen to combine her love for well being and empowering women. She believes in the power of fitness and its ability to transform lives. She also founded Kewaza healthy snacks ( ) over two years ago.

Stephanie Morrison

Stephanie Morrison

Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Stephanie is a successful holistic nutritionist, writer and speaker. She teaches yoga and is a leader of the Holistic Freedom movement, which is global community of health and wellness professionals achieving more time and financial freedom in their businesses. Stephanie brings her positive energy, enthusiasm for life, love of teaching, business background and passion for nutrition to schools around the GTA and corporate workplaces. Stephanie aims to inspire you to become more aware of your body and mind and inspire you to practice preventive health so you can live a long, healthy and happy life!

Javiera Castro

Javiera Castro


Javiera is a holistic nutritionist with a great passion for helping people. She is an advocate for food security and a big believer of social equality and equity. Javiera pooled her passion for health and well-being with her marketing and public relations background and started her own business, Healthy Tastings. Healthy Tastings is a food marketing company that specializes in the promotion of natural food products. Javiera enjoys volunteering and bringing her passion for nutrition and wellbeing at WomanEmpoweringWomen and numerous other organizations in Toronto.

Glory Dearling

Glory Dearling

Yogie & Fitness Instructor

Glory is thrilled to be volunteering with such courageous and wonderful women. She currently works as a Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training at Sadhana Yoga School in Bali, and holds a BA Specialized Honours Degree in Theatre from York University in Toronto. It was through her theatre performance training and her background as a gymnast and dancer that she developed an interest in Yoga. In her classes and personal practice she emphasizes the importance of self love, positivity, and overall body awareness both on and off the mat.

Get In Motion

At WomanEmpoweringWomen we believe fitness is a great way to heal your body, mind and soul. Every single week, one of our amazing female volunteer fitness trainers teach fitness classes to women in shelters in Toronto and the GTA. These classes include yoga, pilates, bootcamps and dance.


Yoga offers many physical and mental benefits. It is a known to reduce stress, increase happiness, improve flexibility and reduce chronic pain. Our volunteers teach a variety of Yoga classes to the women in our participating shelters.


We offer a variety of bootcamps to the participating shelters. The levels of intensity vary based on participants.


We offer a variety of fun and exhilarating dance classes from belly dance to merengue …and many more


Emerging research shows food can have a direct impact on mental health, warding off depression and helping to treat more serious disorders.Our amazing nutritionists offer nutrition consults and seminars on the importance of nutrition on physical and mental health.

Are you are a trainer and would like to volunteer?

Join The Movement

Organic Food Drive

Every month, our organization visits women in shelters across the city to provide them with healthy, organic, non-gmo food provided by our food sponsors.

Clothing Drive

When you donate clothing, you impact the lives of those in need. We gratefully accept clothing donations at our office in North York, 855 Alness St unit 16 Mondays an tuesdays between 10 am and 4 pm.

Organic Food

The overall benefits of organic food – better nutrition and less risk caused by harmful substances – will positively impact health in many ways. Eating healthy makes us feel better, have more energy, and have a stronger immune system. This leads to better efficiency and productivity. This is why we provide the women with organic groceries, once a month.


We also accept donations of other goodies such as furniture, unused makeup, children’s toys and any other household items.

Empower Your Mind

With the help of our volunteers, we offer women free meditation sessions and nutrition sessions.


Our motivational classes are all about inspiring one another. Once a month, we introduce speakers to conduct high energy, positive and motivational content at our classes. These speakers intend to relate and encourage others to overcome, believe and achieve.


Our monthly meditation classes are offered in shelters across Toronto. The main form of meditation offered is Guided Meditation, which is simply “meditation with the help of a guide”. It is one of the easiest ways to enter into a stress free, deep state of relaxation.


We provide classes, in shelters, where we offer an in-depth guide to healing many common physical, emotional and mental ailments through conscious thought correction and healing affirmations. Our Affirmation classes are offered once a month.

"Staying at the Shelter can be a difficult time for the women and children as they get used to a new living situation and attempt to rebuild their lives, but your kindness and generosity will provide comfort and smiles!"

− Nellie's Shelter

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